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The 3 practical essentials for a new business.

 In this blog post we will look at the 3 essentials all new businesses need to have. 

Number 1.

The most important thing a new business needs is a Business Bank Account. My thinking behind this is the day you start your business is the day you start to spend money.

Spending money usually comes from your personal current account when you start your business. Tracking spending is as important as been able to track sales. Usually a new business owner will spend far more than they will earn before they make a single sale.

If you have not done so already, do it today. The majority of banks will offer you a business bank account with up to two years free banking. Ensure you check out all the banks and choose the account which best suits your needs.

Number 2.

Get a website, and I am not talking about Facebook Page, but an actual website. This is your shop window. How often will you hear about a business and in less than 5 sec you have searched them on Google and if they don’t have a website, they appear to be less legit.

This does not reinforce the credibility of your business as potential customers have not been able to engage.  The website is the focus, from which all your social media branches off from, social media brings them back to your website.

Number 3.

Grow your email list; this is your method of direct marketing to your customers. If you have less than 10 email addresses available to you, you are in a position to actual direct targeting those 10 people with a specific offering.

How often will you see on a website ‘Sign up for your newsletter’ this is what business do to gather a key intellectual piece of information your email address, this then becomes a direct link from the business to your customer.


I feel these 3 practical things are essential for all businesses, If your business has these items in place you have a sound footing to move forward.

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