Why choose Martin

Hi, I’m Martin, Chartered Accountant & Owner of Myca Advisor

Myca was set up in 2016 is to help small to medium-sized business owners who want to be financially dependent.
It’s not enough for business owners to know what taxes need to be paid, but to give advice. 

But how can I help? 

How much can be taken from your business after taxes are cleared to live the life that you intended when you started out.

Gone are the days when you don’t know when you will next speak to your accountant. Our next calls are scheduled. We never go for more than 6 months without a chat about your business.

Why do I help?

By talking about the next six months to a year, we can plan.
What’s better?
Hearing what your tax liability is just before filing your return?
Or, by planning the next six months, you can reduce your tax liability.
To be there for you.

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With Martin’s help I was able to get my company set up quickly and efficiently. He handled everything professionally and made sure I was kept up to date, every step of the way. He has a wide range of services, suitable for everyone’s needs and is always ready with advice. I’m very happy to recommend him to anyone.
Clive Foley Owner Tawna Consulting Services Ltd 

I have been working with Martin for over 2 years he is an excellent accountant, I couldn’t recommend him enough!


Kimberley Stripp Owner of Oh Hello Clothing Ltd