The need of focus if you want your cafe to grow

One key to growing your cafe is to focus; I will look at some common areas.

  1. Product,
  2. Target market.
  3. Geographical area.

I will go through these areas one by one.

Focusing on your Product.

As a café owner, you may have a signature coffee or product, something you are passionate about and want to market. Cafes that focus on high quality will be recognised, and can this result in increased sales volume or ability to charging a higher price.

Developing and launching numerous products/services to appeal to new customers may take your focus off what you do well.

Focus on your target Market

Simply focusing on ‘everyone is my target market’ as a strategy is unfortunately not targeting a market. Focusing on a target customer is as important as having a great service. Here is food for thought, If you café is focused on speed of service for example, who would you target?

  1. Workers on a 30 min lunch break.
  2. Average spends €5-€7.50.
  3. People under 30 years of age whom may have more disposable income.

Your customers may be over 30-40-50-60-70 years of age, but the target market you still need to target are the age group 25-30. This is the market that will purchase your offering. Not knowing your target market could result in you going out of business.

Geographical Area.

Been the first to market in a geographical area can result in your business been able to anchor quality, set the benchmark for service and quality which potential competition then have to exceed.

We all remember driving through small towns and villages, there was a local shop, pub, post office this was all usually on the same premises. This could be the only place around for miles. Competitive advantage due to location.

Now Ireland has become smaller, however, these principles remain the same, If a café offers something which is only available in particular geographical location, this can cause for demand, examples of this Pudding Row in Easkey, The Jam Pot in Grange. Eithna’s by the sea in Mullaghmore.

A Franchise model can bring your service/goods to another geographical location to reduce risk, maintaining a perceived quality and controls.  Examples Costa, Starbucks, Insomnia.


If your Cafe is not focused on a target, it can slip into the mediocrity and never fulfil its potential.

So Focus to Grow, Monitor the growth and enjoy the journey.

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