Top 3 things a cafe owner can do to create time.

As a busy café owner, you can find yourself working extremely long hours, perhaps over the weekends and most likely evening shifts have been a regular occurrence.

This should only be a short term solution.

In this post, I will look at how you can become more conscious of your time and tools to help you plan your week and claw back time.

  1. Planning your week

When we have a plan we have an outline to follow. This will allow you to schedule a time for each aspect of your business.

  • Your meetings with suppliers.
  • When you’re working in the Cafe.
  • When you are working on the Café, not in the Café.
  • Allocate time for answering emails, reviews social media.
  • Have free time set in stone.

Been busy all the time is not a good use of your resources. As a Café owner it is as important to be able to take a step back and review as instead of doing the same thing each day.

  1. Use a calendar

Carrying a diary or using a calendar on your phone or computer as a way to schedule out your week. You need to ensure you are leaving adequate time to give each thing on your list your full attention.

There is nothing more frustrating than overrunning the time allocated on one thing only to be running late at another. Salespeople love to talk this results in you playing catch up, set alarms for meetings to avoid waffle.

Remember you are in control of your schedule. The longer the give notice given, the better you can schedule and work around it.

  1. The plan changes

Off course, things can change and a situation can arise which was not planned, these things are the exception and not the norm. However, some entrepreneurs portray this to be the opposite way around, fire fighting rather than fire lighting.

Do as much as you can today and do the same tomorrow with the available time you set aside.

There is an expression ‘The busy fool’ your time is the biggest asset you have. A business owner doesn’t seem to recognise this until cracks start to appear in other parts of their lives.


Each Café owner is different and the needs of their business are never a one size fit all solution.

But planning is a key tool to use, it will allow you to enjoy what you are doing at that moment rather than thinking about all the other things you have to do.

Time allocated = task completion = move on to next task on the schedule.