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Access to a complete finance team at a cost lower than hiring a full-time employee.

If your business needs Bookkeeping and Management Accounts, why not outsource that function to us?

Fixed Upfront Price

Agreed upfront monthly prices. No hidden charges, cancellation fees, or minimum-term contracts

Unlimited Support

Your entire accounting team, including your Chartered Accountant, is on call when you need them. Connect with them over video chat, phone, or email.

Fast work turnaround

Using the best online tools lets us collaborate virtually in real-time, giving you up-to-date financial information.

What Makes Us Different?

Our focus is on systems, procedures and experience with popular online tools. Using

What we want for you.

  1. You’ll likely see value in our services if you generate over €100k in sales or have a runway of at least a year.
  2. We’ve found that providing an entire back-office team of specialists tends to be more beneficial than hiring a person internally with the wrong skill set.
  3. We’re here to lift the weight of financial stress off your shoulders.


Our Core Values

Financial Clarity: Bringing transparency and clear understanding to your finances for informed decisions

Reliable Partnership: Being a trustworthy ally on your financial success and stability journey.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Delivering precise and efficient accounting services to save you time and effort

“At Last, Accounting Peace of Mind – Your Final Stop.”

You could be wondering about a few things.